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Börse Berlin has two market places under one roof. Apart from traditional trading on Xontro, the trading system of all floor exchanges in Germany, Börse Berlin operates the trading platform ETS under the brand Equiduct. Equiduct Systems Ltd. is responsible for the operation, and the maintenance and further development of the trading system.

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Shares, bonds and funds: Berlin offers the full spectrum

Approximately 50 percent of instruments traded on Xontro are equities, with a strong focus on foreign companies. Nearly all NASDAQ securities are traded in Berlin, but companies from China or South Africa are also available. International Blue Chips are represented as well as interesting small caps; in total Börse Berlin enables trading in over 15,000 shares from 82 countries.

Foreign bonds compliment the international security selection at Börse Berlin. In Germany many of these are traded only in Berlin. Naturally Börse Berlin has the full range of fixed interest securities of the German Federation and its constituencies with bonds from companies and other issuers also on offer. Certificates and warrants round off the security offering in Berlin.

Alongside equities and bonds, investors find a large selection of public funds. Actively managed investment funds from all product groups are available for trading - among them equity funds with different investment focuses, real estate funds, annuity funds, money market funds, funds of funds, mixed funds and sustainability funds. Furthermore, a variety of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) are also on offer.

Information on new companies and news including share splits, de-listings, name changes and other corporate events can be found in the Notices section which is updated daily on trading days. More information about trading costs is available on the page Xontro in the Fee Structure section.

Equiduct – Best Execution, Order by Order

Equiduct is a pan-European trading venue providing Best Execution services for retail brokers: Apex, provides order by order Best Execution via a fully electronic, ultra-low latency platform. The most liquid and fragmented equities and ETFs from across Europe are available to trade on Equiduct. Alongside this Equiduct offers three market data products providing a comprehensive real-time view of pre-trade and post-trade data across 11 European markets. Further information about Equiduct is available at www.equiduct.com.


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