Fraud under the name of public stock exchanges

Warning to investors

There is an increasing number of cases in which fraudsters are misusing the names of individual German public stock exchanges in order to gain the trust of investors and to lend weight to their unlawful claims.

In some cases, the names of actual stock exchange employees are used on the phone or by e-mail without their knowledge. Be suspicious if a supposed stock exchange employee contacts you, for example, to advise you on financial products or to demand payment of a sum of money to a specific account. For example, investors are called by employees of these unauthorized "trading platforms" and aggressively urged to invest ever higher sums for supposed securities transactions.

Employees of public stock exchanges would not do this at any time, as such activity is already prohibited to them by law.

If you come into contact with such offers or solicitations, refuse them and report them to the police or public prosecutor's office and please inform us by email or by using the contact form on this page.

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