Certificates and Warrants on Xontro

Wherever your investment decision leads you to, Börse Berlin´s lead brokers guarantee you liquidity in certificates and warrants.

Certificates and Warrants on Xontro

At Börse Berlin a large number of certificates and selected warrants are available to trade.

Our lead brokers guarantee liquidity by continuously placing up-to-date quotes (bid and ask with volumes) during trading hours. These quotes will be equal to or better than the issuer's quote.

Limit control and trade support systems guarantee that stop loss orders are also consistently monitored.


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The most active certificates

Name Last Change in %
1,8% Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (2024) 97.780
EUWAX Gold IHS 2017(17/Und) ETC 56.77
IShares Physical Palladium ETC 34.62
Leverage Shares -1X AMD 4.456
21Shares Bitcoin ETP 8.740
ETC Issuance GmbH O.END ETN 20(unl.) Litecoin 5.920
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